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옹기: ONGGI FOR ONE, 2020

Onggi is a traditional vessel that has existed as a storage container
in every household since about 4000-5000 BC.
With its microporous structure, it is especially suitable for fermentation processes,
such as kimchi, soy sauce, deonjang, gochujang (fermented chili, bean and rice paste)
and many other fermented foods.
The classic onggis are in a large and bulbous shape,
where it was suitable for long storage time.

Nowadays, large families hardly exist in the cities anymore,
the majority of the population even lives in a single household.
This transformation is reflected in this project "On(e)ggi" in a minimalist concept
that deconstructs the extensive tableware universe of the extended family down
to a reduced single ensemble, but still contains essential elements of Korean table culture.

stoneware, porcelain